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Buy BEFORE you sell!

2 very different programs I have at my disposal to assist with the purchase/sale of your next home!!


What is Homeward? Homeward is the calmer, more convenient way to buy your next home. Our process starts with securing your new home before going through the hassle of listing your existing one.

Here’s how it works.

1.  Get approved
Get started in less than 3 minutes so you can take your time finding the ideal home that fits your budget.
2.  Make an all-cash offer
Use our funds to make a competitive all-cash offer and move before you sell your existing home.
3.  Sell your existing home
Now that you’ve secured your next home, list your existing home when you’re ready. If it doesn’t sell, we’ll buy it from you.
4.  Lease your new home from us
Enjoy your new home by leasing it back from Homeward for up to 6 months. Once you sell your existing home, just move in and end the lease.
5.  Get a mortgage and close on your new home
As soon as your old home sells, you’ll get a mortgage loan and buy your new home back from us at the original price, plus our Homeward Convenience Fee.

What does it cost?

Convenience fee1.4% of new home price*, Rolled into your mortgage

*2.4% if using a lender other than Homeward Mortgage


Rent- Paid at closing, Prorated for only the days you need


Keller Offers Certified iBuyer



That's correct....i am not only a licensed realtor but can also assist with a quick cash offer on your home.

Many times as a home owner you need the ability to move quickly or would like flexibility to make an offer on that dream home without having a contingency of selling your existing home.  Here is how.  Charges (fee and repair credit) on ibuyers can range between 6%-15%+.

In return for these charges you receive:

1. Freedom from any showings, staging or coordinating of repairs!

2. Fast closing and control over your closing date!

3. Remove Seller contingency for new home purchase.  


I am happy to meet with you to go over your options to sell the traditional way or now even get you a cash offer.

Contact me today to setup a no obligation meeting.  I can have you an offer usually within 72 hours of our meeting.


Some exclusions do apply.  contact me for more details or to setup an appointment.

Paul Washington

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